There’s nothing quite like the panic of a knitter facing a road trip with nothing suitable on the needles.  It wasn’t even a long trip (about 2 hours each way), but you’d have thought the world was ending. 🙂  24 hours or so before the trip I’ve got a pile of flagged books and patterns about 5″ high, three or four potential yarns in the midst of swatching and still no idea of what to bring.

There’s a new baby joining the family soon and a baby sweater was a hot favorite for the trip knitting. I finally settled on a bright dark pink cotton sweater, knit top-down, and got myself through the gauge swatch and 3 rows into the sweater before it was time to leave. Backup knitting included wrist warmers in worsted weight yarn and a stockinette hat knit in the round. Yeah, three projects for 4 hours of driving. Crazy, huh?

Out of all of that I think I managed about 1/2 hour on the hat and the other projects never left the bag. I’ve since acquired yarn and pattern for another baby sweater. The swatch for a possible project for me didn’t match the pattern gauge so it’s on a shelf until I decide what to do with it.  But in the meantime I also cast on for baby socks and hauled out the fingering yarn for more baby socks.

Lots of starting of things. Not so much finishing. Though I am hopeful about finishing a shawl I started on vacation last year. Soon I’ll get anxious about the number of projects that have been started and go on a finishing binge. Or maybe a ripping out binge. That’s what happened with a cowl I was fooling around with. More than a year later (maybe 2) still not finished and not even interesting so that yarn is balled back up to be something else. Sometimes this is the way it goes.

During the workday the scarves are getting woven and I’ve got a pile waiting for finishing (fringe twisting, washing, pressing, labeling.) The sweater commission is nearly done and two new projects are at the post office waiting for pick-up.

Today it was sunny for the most part and in the mid-40s.  I’m liking that much better than the single digit days we’ve had too much of this year.

No pictures today, I’ve got too much knitting to do!


Author: Jennifer Kortfelt

Owner, Heron Pond Designs, a fiber and textile exploration.

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