Inspiration from the past

A few years ago I wove this log cabin scarf out of tencel in slate blue and red.

Log cabin scarf
Log cabin scarf

When I was done with the scarf I wove off the end of the warp using some bits of yarn I had on hand. I wasn’t making anything, just playing around to see what different yarns would do. One part of that playing resulted in this:

log cabin experiment
log cabin experiment

The weft yarn was a multi-colored sock yarn in shades of blue, pink and purple. I came across that swatch recently and decided to see if the idea would make a pretty scarf. I didn’t have any more of the sock yarn though, so I went hunting in my stash for something else.

For the warp I deviated slightly from the original and I’m using this silver and burgundy.  I’ve been looking at this combo on the shelf ever since I connected with some of my high school classmates on Facebook.  It’s, more or less, our school colors and while I had my fill of red & grey by the end of four years of high school, I can use it now without getting too twitchy.

Silver and maroon tencel
Silver and burgundy tencel

which I’ve threaded in a log cabin pattern (alternating one strand of each color and then periodically swapping the order so the same color strands are adjacent, then repeating the alternation.)

Log cabin threading with color order change every 12 ends

For the weft I’ll use this multi-colored tencel in jewel tones of sapphire, magenta and black.

Jewel tencel

I quite like how it is turning out.  The inspiration piece is fuzzier from the sock yarn.  I like the cleaner lines of this version.  Can you see how the repeated ends make it appear as if there are raised columns?

Mock log cabin
Mock log cabin


Author: Jennifer Kortfelt

Owner, Heron Pond Designs, a fiber and textile exploration.

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