All in a day’s work

Some days I’m head down, intensely working on one project. Other days I need to make progress on many fronts.

This is the gauge swatch for a scarf commission. With this I’ll learn about the pattern and figure out whether I chose the correct needle size. You wouldn’t think a two-row lace pattern, with complicated bits on only one of the rows would be difficult. I blame the early hour and not enough coffee for having to rip out the whole thing once and un-knit a few stitches more than once until I finally managed to start with and keep just the 16 stitches I was supposed to have (no, not 15, not 17, 16 if you please.) I won’t know if I’m right about the needle size until it is dry and off the blocking wires, so this project is on hold for now.

Gauge swatch blocking

This neckerchief was recently finished. It has been washed and is pinned out to dry. This is for the same client as the lace scarf.

Finished neckerchief blocking

Taking off the knitting hat and putting on the weaving hat, I have two looms set up with projects. This is a tencel scarf with a striped warp and a variegated weft that is very close in shades to the warp yarns. It’s just plainweave, set (spaced) loosely to make a sheer, drapey scarf.

Hemstitching a scarf edge
Scarf in progress

And finally dishtowels. You can see the end of towel #6, green stripes and the beginning of towel #7 (of 8 on this warp), blue stripes. The plain bits in the middle are the hems, with a cut line in a contrasting color separating the two hems.


The tencel scarf and the dishtowels will be added to my shop inventory.

But, you know what I really want to do?  Just sit on the porch and knit.  Because we’ve got a show going on in the yard. We’ve lent part of our acreage to the farmer next door and this year we’re hosting pigs!  They are really funny and I just can’t stop watching them. (And don’t think I haven’t thought about moving a loom to the porch, but it’s a really small porch…)


Author: Jennifer Kortfelt

Owner, Heron Pond Designs, a fiber and textile exploration.

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