Finishing Frenzy

I have a bad habit of getting most of the way done and then not pushing through the final steps. Take this week, for instance.  I finished weaving a run of 8 dish towels. I cut them off the loom, folded them up nicely and then let them sit.

Almost done, right?  Well, I have to cut them apart, press hems, sew hems, wash and dry, press again.  THEN they can be offered for sale.  Of course for someone to know about that they have also have to be photographed and added to the online store.


I also had hanging around two dish towels from a trial run.  Both have weaving errors so won’t go farther than my kitchen, but unfinished they just take up space on the “to be finished” shelf.  Occasionally they mock me.

And, some personal mending was on that shelf too. All really good reasons to haul the sewing machine out and get to work. I might still have ignored the whole pile except there was a possibility of a space at the farmers market this weekend (which I scored at the last minute!) and I really wanted to bring the towels.

So now I can feel somewhat virtuous for having finished them off quickly. Except I wound a warp for the next set of towels and that warp wants to get on the loom. Probably so it can mock me about not weaving fast enough, often enough. [Do your projects talk to you too?]

Meantime, I’m almost done knitting a scarf which will need to be blocked.  Partway through assembling a sweater, and thinking about the next sweater to be started, as soon as I finish off the other scarf in progress.

Oh, and the towels?  One is a runt (the end of the warp and not quite enough length for a full towel), three sold at market on Saturday and just like that the towels are almost gone.

The warp for the next run of towels is sleyed and I’m halfway through the threading.  Weaving will commence soon.

Author: Jennifer Kortfelt

Owner, Heron Pond Designs, a fiber and textile exploration.

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