Put me in a bookstore, or a yarn store, and my resolve is so weak as to be almost non-existent. Put me in the knitting book section of the bookstore and it’s pretty much over. So it shouldn’t be any great surprise that this followed me home.


I love tailored knits. I love nearly every sweater in this book. Of course, with a library that already contains this:

(most) of my knitting and weaving library
(Most) of my knitting and weaving library

I hardly needed another book of knitting patterns. I suppose I could blame my friend Kathryn P. as she’s the one who showed the book to me. But, frankly, I’m an adult and I can (should, usually do) take responsibility for my decisions.

So although I should be spending this workday making scarves and socks I keep taking little “breaks” to page through the book.  It’s so pretty and glossy and full of the promise of a knitting adventure. I was sure, when I was looking at the book in the store, that I’d have some suitable yarn in my stash. Other “breaks” have found me sorting through stash yarns hoping for a good match. Alas I have come to two conclusions: 1) I don’t have a good match for either of the weight of yarns called for in my current favorites; 2) I need to get rid of some more yarn that I will probably never knit up. Oh, and 3) during that stash journey  I encountered 1 other “had to have” glossy book of knitting patterns, at least three bags of “had to have” yarn that I still haven’t knit with and enough other whims and ideas that I should be fairly embarrassed.

It probably won’t surprise any of my readers that I took some “breaks” while writing this post to look up the nearest stockists of Quince & Co. yarn, to peruse the color charts and try to decide which yarn to buy. Since the yarn is not available at my local yarn stores I won’t be rushing out to buy it immediately.

Maybe I should go look at that other glossy book, the one whose projects I have yarn for, and see if I can figure out something to start.


I did end up swatching yarn for a sweater.  Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold in a pretty dark blue-ish purple is going to be a cardigan for me. And now that I’ve got that on the needles for idle moments, I can return to my work queue which contains 7 knitting projects for a client as well as the aforementioned socks and weaving.

As for the new book, I’ve noted where I might acquire the yarn and will think about a road trip sometime.

Author: Jennifer Kortfelt

Owner, Heron Pond Designs, a fiber and textile exploration.

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