It would have been great

It was going to be a great blog post. I had this idea to document a week in the life of my business. There’d be a day-to-day summary of what I’d worked on. There would be pictures.

I started with last Tuesday. I snapped a picture of one of the scarves I was weaving. I had finished the weaving and was hemstitching the edge.


Merino/tencel scarf, pebble twill


Then I jotted down some notes about other things I’d worked on.

  • Client consult by phone regarding a sweater commission. Order yarn for same
  • Wind warp for a scarf commission
  • Meet with my hand-dyed yarn supplier and receive some knitting projects from her as well
  • Knit
  • Receive an updated pattern for a tech editing project

I didn’t snap any more pictures, but figured I’d definitely get to that on the rest of the days.

Wednesday arrived and some more notes were jotted:

  • knit socks filling an order and for inventory
  • tech edit a knitting pattern

They’re kind of sparse though, and I know I did more than that. Strangely I also forgot to take any pictures. And that was apparently the end of “A Week in the Life”. Oh, the week definitely went on and more work was accomplished. But it appears to have been such a mad dash that I failed to record any more details, word or visual.

Maybe next time. For now, I have socks to knit and scarves to weave.


Author: Jennifer Kortfelt

Owner, Heron Pond Designs, a fiber and textile exploration.

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