Busy, busy, busy

One holiday over and now the mad rush towards the next one. I’ve got sock orders to fill, scarves to weave and one or two (or maybe ten) other things to do.

So again I fall back on a brief post with a couple of pictures.

This is what a gauge swatch looks like.


Swatches get a bath so I can see if they change size after washing and so I can get an accurate gauge measurement.

Here is the warp for the next scarf.


Tencel in blue, green and purple ready to be sleyed.

There was going to be a picture of socks to be delivered to the gallery for inventory replenishment. I took a pretty good picture, looked closely at it, and realized that my phone number is wrong on my label. I wonder how many are out in the wild with the wrong number. So now there is another project for the list, reprinting labels and rebanding socks.

And if you happen to know which character in a Rankin/Bass Christmas special says “busy, busy, busy” leave me a comment, it is really bugging me!


Author: Jennifer Kortfelt

Owner, Heron Pond Designs, a fiber and textile exploration.

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