Welcome to the sock mines

I had a flood of orders this week for pedicure socks and regular socks so I’ve spent most of the week in what we affectionately refer to around here as the “sock mines”. I haven’t had to resort to using a headlamp yet, but the looms are definitely feeling lonely.

I’ve resorted to a version of the short order cook management system to track orders.

Order up!
Order up!

I made emergency orders to sock yarn suppliers when I realized that my materials inventory was getting too low.  Here’s one shipment and another is on the way.

New heather and tweed sock yarns
New heather and tweed sock yarns

One trip was an in-person visit to my friend and neighbor Ellen who owns Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm. Ellen hand-dyes her yarns in small batches and it was really difficult deciding which yarns to leave behind.  I went just a little wild as you can see. I splurged on some of her merino/cashmere/nylon and merino/silk/nylon blends as well as my usual choices of merino/nylon and merino/tencel. The cashmere and silk blend yarns are so soft I’m going to hate to part with them.

Ellen's luscious yarns
Ellen’s luscious yarns

I’ve got some raw materials inventory updating to do, but then I’ll be back to the sock machine to keep cranking out and to my comfy chair to do the finish work. A quick bath, a label and they’ll be ready to ship.

Author: Jennifer Kortfelt

Owner, Heron Pond Designs, a fiber and textile exploration.

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