One thing I’d really like to accomplish this year is a better set-up for photographing my work. I just bought a foot form so I could show off my socks. Pictures of them flat or hanging were just uninteresting. I set up to take some pics this morning and had to go hunting through the house to find props. I’d started with a cardboard background set on a table, but I didn’t like the “board meets table line” showing. A recipe box was the right size and height to elevate the foot form and an old linen napkin provided the draping. Not stellar, but an improvement at least.

All the pieces
All the pieces
Close-up on sock
Close-up of sock

Socks done, I moved on to recently finished scarves. I’ve got Minerva, my model, propped up on the couch with the cardboard backdrop

This definitely needs work!
This definitely needs work!

and with some judicious close-up work I can avoid most of the blemishes and glimpses of the couch below.

Hand dyed alpaca silk, tencel scarf
Hand dyed alpaca silk, tencel scarf

I had been using space in the studio with a backdrop hanging on a closet door, but the door is bi-fold and every time I want to get into the closet I have to dismantle the set-up. What I really want is a spare corner that will also let me set up adequate lighting so I don’t have to schedule all the photo shoots for early in the day.  I’m not sure a studio reorganization will solve this problem, but I’ll be looking closely to be sure.

Author: Jennifer Kortfelt

Owner, Heron Pond Designs, a fiber and textile exploration.

One thought on “Props”

  1. Doing photographs for on-line selling (or for blogging) is the bane of my existence, too! I sell mostly vintage stuff, especially linens, and am constantly dissatisfied with the photos, although I have progressed a *lot* over the years. I haven’t even gotten serious about photographing the weaving yet . . .


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