A minor delay

Nothing quite dims the enthusiasm of a new weaving project than finding out you don’t have sufficient heddles in the right  place. I’d planned a dish towel warp, chosen a pattern, figured my warp end count and checked my heddle count. I’m doing a 4 shaft rose path project on my 8 shaft loom. I needed 128 heddles on each of 4 harnesses and only two had enough.

I had three options.

I could use more than 4 shafts, essentially letting 5-8 pretend to be 1-4. I’ve done this before, but I didn’t feel like having to lift the extra shafts each time I treadled.

I could move heddles from the harnesses that had an abundance to those that were shy.

I could add new heddles where needed. This was the obvious best option if I were going to move any heddles at all except that the only new heddles I have of the correct size are inserted eye style and I prefer the flat steel that are already on the loom.

Option 2 would be fine except that moving heddles is enough of a pain that taking out and messing with more than two harnesses didn’t appeal.

So, option 3 it is.

Harness in waiting
Alignment matters

If they are crossed between the top and bottom holding bars they can’t be used so checking carefully is essential.

Ready to move
Nearly there

I almost put them on upside down, but caught myself in time. The eyes need to point in the same direction.

Having the bars loose is always fraught. If the heddles slide off the rails they’ll have to be put back on in very small groups to keep them in order.

Done without incident, now I can think about winding my warp.


Author: Jennifer Kortfelt

Owner, Heron Pond Designs, a fiber and textile exploration.

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