Feeling lighter

Yesterday I finished knitting a sweater. This is not such a huge accomplishment until you consider that it has been in process since November. It was not a particularly complicated nor large sweater. It was all in the timing. And in this case my timing was exceedingly poor.

The sweater had been commissioned in the fall and when a lull opened up in my schedule I told the client I could start it. How I could look at a lull in November and decided there was going to be time to work full-force on a sweater mystifies me. [This has been added to the Never Again list.]

Because you know that what happened was the holiday crazies. Orders and shows and visiting relatives and baking.

And then the post-holiday push. Stock replenishment, breathing, taxes, addressing deferred projects.

But now a huge weight has lifted. The sweater, when it dries, will get sent to the client. I made progress on a couple of little things after washing the sweater and now I can start on a new bigger project.

Furthermore, the daylight part of days is longer, the sun is shining. Maple is being tapped. Mud season seems early this year.

And best of all, my own personal harbinger of spring has arrived. There is a red-winged blackbird at my bird feeder. I’d know that skree call anywhere and it is the one thing above all else that says spring is right around the corner.

Happy Leap Day!


Author: Jennifer Kortfelt

Owner, Heron Pond Designs, a fiber and textile exploration.

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