Fridays are for finishing

I don’t keep a strict schedule of work each week, but I have sketched out a general plan which is meant to ensure that I spend a little bit of time on each of the major aspects of my business: weaving, hand knitting, sock knitting, marketing, and biz stuff (finances, record keeping, etc.)

In this plan I’ve earmarked Fridays for finishing and wrapping up loose ends of the week. It is when I look at the goals for the week and see how I’ve done. I set my intentions for the next week, and celebrate the successes of the past one.

I look around the studio and tidy up the messes I’ve made. I do try to clean up as I go, but sometimes I’m in a hurry to move on and don’t bother. The stuff around the knitting chair isn’t in the way of the loom. The stuff around the winding station doesn’t impede the sock machine. But at some point the general clutter will drive me nuts, so a Friday tidy is in order.

But mostly Friday is for finishing. This bin is nearly full.

There are socks that need their toes grafted. Scarves with fringe to be twisted. If I’m feeling very ambitious I’ll haul out the sewing machine and hem the towels that are at the bottom of the pile.

There is also a pile of scarves that need labels sewn in and pressing.


On a hot day, as we’ve had lately, I probably wouldn’t set up the ironing board, but small tasks like fringe twisting and label sewing are easily handled even in heat and humidity.

And after I’ve been sitting for a while, a few minutes of dusting equipment, filing, and resolving yarn cones, books and magazines will take care of the studio disarray.

The finished socks and scarves will move to the “take photos” bin ready for the next photo shoot. And there’s the start of the planning for next week. I’ve got a nice clean studio and some sense of what needs to be done next.

Author: Jennifer Kortfelt

Owner, Heron Pond Designs, a fiber and textile exploration.

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