About Heron Pond Designs


I’m Jennifer Kortfelt, a knitter with over 30 years experience.  I have explored many aspects of knitting over years of project successes and failures.  I work with published patterns as well as create patterns for my own use.  I am comfortable modifying patterns to change the yarn as well as adjust sizing and fit to suit the wearer.

I knit samples for knitwear designers and yarn producers and greatly enjoy the variety of projects this brings my way.  I don’t work exclusively for the trade, I also have an extensive portfolio of projects I’ve completed for private clients.

I have designed a number of garments for myself and have published my own patterns which are available on Ravelry.

I really enjoy knitting, from the initial pattern and yarn selection right through the finishing process.  The neat seams that help the sweater hang correctly or the blocked scarf that shows off the beauty of the lace design are the finishing touches that make the garment shine.

When I’m not hand knitting you can find me working on a variety of fiber-related equipment.  My circular sock machine makes great socks in fun yarns as well as durable, long-lasting wool.


Weaving is a late addition to my fiber interests.  After leaving my first career in library information technology, and armed with a WEBS gift certificate as a going-away present, I invested in a rigid heddle loom and some cotton yarn. I’d always looked at textiles and wondered how they were made and now I had a chance to find out.

Weaving turns out to be a new love. I think there is something about the order and structure that appeals to the mind of this former programmer. It has also given me a different platform to experiment with the interaction of color and texture.  Once the loom is set up, the weaving itself goes quickly and I’m able to get almost instant feedback on my color combinations.

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