Random acts of live video

How to get over stage fright around doing a live video:

Step 1. Find the link to create a video

Step 2. Spend 20 minutes walking around the studio arranging props and looking at myself on the camera screen trying to find a good background

Step 3. Decide my hair looks awful, fuss with hair

Step 4. Wander around the studio some more looking at the phone and the button that says “start live video” and rearrange props some more

Step 5. With only the barest of an outline in mind, press record and start talking

Step 6. As soon as reasonable turn the camera on the props and off the nervous person talking 🙂

Step 7. Remember to remind people to visit the Virtual Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival the first weekend in October

Step 8. Wrap it up, hopefully gracefully, and stop recording.

Step 9. Try to figure out what to press next to save and post the video

Step 10. Reload page over and over until video appears, all the while having a slight panic attack that you lost the video and will have to do it over again.

Step 11. Decide if you want to promote your impromptu, totally unadvertised video.

Step the last. Well, you recorded it so you might as well. Here’s the link (I hope).

It’s nearly show time!

Very busy in Heron Pond Designs land this week.  Craft Vermont opens Friday morning at 10 am at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Burlington, VT and continues through 5 pm on Sunday.

It is my first time attending as a vendor and I’ve been weaving like mad to get ready for the show. The end of last week was a marathon of fringe twisting and sewing labels into scarves.

Pile of labeled scarves ready to be pressed and tagged

Tags were produced.


Next up: repacking the equipment bins for an indoor show and crossing off a few final tasks on the to-do list.

I think I’m ready! And I’m excited!! I love talking about weaving, and how I design my scarves, so I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

If you can’t get to the show, you can always email me to place an order.

See you in Burlington!


Sheep Fest is coming

Just a quick reminder that Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend. We’ll be at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds on Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10-4.

I’ve got lots to do to get ready for the show. I’m trying out some new display options in my booth to see if they’ll work well for the big show I’m doing in November. They still need some assembly before set-up on Friday.

There’s merchandise to tag and marketing photos to post in social media outlets.

I’ve got to repack my show bins from the outdoor show contents to the indoor show contents.

I’m bringing a couple of spinning wheels to sell (if I can get them into the car) so I’ve got some signs to make. [If you are interested in a Merlin Tree Hitchhiker or a Canadian tilt-tension production wheel, give me a shout.]

And while I’m doing all of that I’ll be weaving, knitting and dreaming about seeing sheep and alpacas. Yarn, yarn and more yarn. Maybe I’ll be tempted and buy some.

I’m in the pavilion (the big main building.) Hope to see you there!

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