Our move date is nearly here and the house is filling up with boxes. Stacks of empty ones to be filled and stacks of packed ones ready to be transported across the yard to the new house. 

Studio packing in progress

There is much to do still. I’ve not been very organized about this so far so there is much disarray as you can see.

But for some reason the most pressing obligation this morning was some quiet time with my poor neglected spinning wheel. 

Spinning amidst the boxes

Today I was practicing plying. I’ve spun some fun blue and white merino and filled bobbins. I’m plying my singles into a two ply yarn. I finished the first skein a couple of weeks ago and just filled the second bobbin which is ready to wind into a skein.

I made yarn!

But now the packing calls. Quiet time is over and there is work to be done. My new studio awaits.

A difference of opinion

Legare Sock machine
Legare Sock machine

The sock machine and I are having a bit of a tussle this morning, so we’re both on a time-out until it gets over itself and decides to behave.  (It can’t possibly be operator error.)  Still, three pairs of socks knit with just the finishing to do which puts me three pair closer to a good amount for Farmers Market on Saturday.

I plowed through end of year inventory this weekend.  This means I weighed every cone and counted every ball/skein of yarn.  This feeds into my tax return so it is a necessary part of doing business.  It is also a good chance to look at what I’ve got on hand, notice what I haven’t used for a full year, and consider whether some purging would be a good idea.

Besides paperwork, I spent the rest of the week on knitting projects.  Stocking #1 of 2 from the commission I accepted late last year is done and I’m more than halfway through the second.  I met with a new client and now have another order for 2 Christmas stockings.  Different pattern and yarn and as I’ll be copying a finished stocking I have to figure out the pattern as well as do the knitting. The yarn for a sweater commission just arrived so I have that to start as soon as stocking #2 is done.

All this knitting time gives me an opportunity to think about how my business is going.  I’m in the beginning of my 5th year!  I sometimes struggle with work/life balance.  I want to work hard enough to be successful but not so consistently hard that I resent what I’m doing.  Even though it is “work” it is meant to be fun.

And even more than that, I ponder knitting vs weaving.  I still have idle looms while the knitting deadlines are being met.  I miss not weaving regularly, but it is hard to turn down guaranteed income.  Maybe this is the year I’ll figure out that balance!